Our Regular Activities

  • Conducting regular bhajan satsangs in Fremont, San Ramon, and San Diego, CA; Dallas-Fort Worth, TX; Baltimore, MD; Long Island, NY; and Toronto and Ottawa, Canada
  • Participate in special bhajans organized by the DFW Hindu Temple, The Vedanta Society of DFW, Hindu Temple of North Texas (Ganesh Temple) in Plano, TX, and at the Fremont Hindu Temple, CA
  • Conducting weekly classical music classes in the Bay Area Chinmaya Mission

On-going Service Projects

This organization shall plan and implement the following annual activities/projects in order to achieve its aims and objectives

At least one general fund-raising event:

  • contribution to medical, educational or other charitable activity
  • providing food, shelter and health care for the needy
  • providing scholarships, school supplies and other educational needs for the children

Recent Service Projects

May 2016 - Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya in Dharwad - The Mandali contributed over $2,500 to KSV. This money will sponsor the education for ten students for one academic year.

December 2015 - Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Trust in Trichy - The Mandali contributed $12,000 to the SRKS Educational Trust. These funds will be used to improve the school's facilities.

December 2015 - Chennai Flood Relief - Mandali members generously donated over $4,000 to organizations in South India to provide relief to victims devastated by the Chennai floods.

May 2015 - Mercy Corps - The Mandali donated $2,000 to Mercy Corps to provide relief to those affected by the earthquakes in Nepal.

April 2013 - Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Trust in Trichy - The Mandali contributed $8,000 to the SRKS Educational Trust. These funds will be utilized for the mid-day meal program, purchasing educational material, sponsoring education for underprivileged children, and providing medical services to children attending the school.

February 2013 - Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya in Dharwad - The Mandali contributed $4,000 to KSV, a school in Dharwad (Karnataka, India), which provides musical & academic education to 200 students. 

May 2013 - American Red Cross - The Mandali continued charitable activities by contributing yearly to American non-profit organizations, by donating $2,000 to the American Red Cross.

December 2012 - Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Trust in Trichy - In continued efforts to support the SRKS Educational Trust, the Mandali purchased a collection of Montessori teaching material, amounting to roughly $340. These materials were delivered to the school during the following year. 

November 2012 - Food Drive in Texas - Members of the Dallas Area Mandali donated non-perishable food items to the Samaritan Inn in Dallas around Thanksgiving time.

November 2012 - Food Drives in Bay Area - Mandali volunteers served hot breakfast in Sunrise Village, an organization that provides shelter for families in need. Additionally, Mandali members assembled and delivered fifty brown-bag lunches to the Tri-City Shelter.

July 2011 - Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Trust in Trichy - The Mandali contributed over $8,000 to support the SRKS Educational Trust.