Trichy School Photos

Photos from Natana and Radha Valiveti's visit to the school. (November 2013)

Annual Bhajan 2012

Celebrating the Fourth Anniversary Bhajan in the Bay Area. (February 2012)

Annual Bhajan 2011

Bala Mami visits the Bay Area for the Third Anniversary Bhajan. (February 2011)

Annual Bhajan 2010

Annual Bhajan in the Bay Area. (February 2010)


Youth Mandali members adopted a Bay Area family for Christmas. (December 2009)

Trichy School Sports Day

Photos from Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya's annual Sports day, provided by Murali Krishnan. (August 2009)

Trichy School Photos

Photos from Murali Krishnan from Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya. (August 2009)

New Year Bhajan 2009

New Year Bhajan in the Dallas Area. (January 2009)

Inaugural Bhajan in California

Lakshmi Mami visits for the inaugural bhajan in the Bay Area chapter of the Mandali. (February 2008)

Trichy School Visit

Photos from 2006, when Natana Valiveti visited Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya in Trichy. (June 2006)

Raaga Vallari Release

Release Event from of our second CD set, Raaga Vallari, in the Dallas Area. (March 2004)